Meeting at University of Stuttgart, Germany

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Time and Place

Friday, November 7
1:00pm - 4:00pm

University of Stuttgart,
Universitaetsstr. 38 (Computer Science Building),
Room 2.013, 70569 Stuttgart.

This meeting is kindly hosted by Prof. Dr. Erhard Ploedereder.
Please send an email to Victor Pankratius if you plan to attend

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  - Main topic: Multicore/Manycore curriculum development.
  - Invited Talk


Many Core Programmers: What Do Employers Want?
Jeffrey D. Gallagher
Senior Courseware Architect and Instructional Designer for Intel Software College,
Intel Corporation, USA (20 min)


This two part presentation focuses first on answering the question: "What skills do employers in the 21st century expect from job candidates?" These answers will be given within the context of a brief survey of the training materials currently available for download and use on the Intel Software College Wiki.
The second part of this presentation is an overview of Intel's near-term plan - presented for the first time in public - to implement a worldwide Intel Software College Curriculum Advisory Council. This advisory council will work regularly with Intel to evaluate new training plans and materials, as well as to gain access to the latest, soon-to-be-released coursewares.
Participants will be encouraged to provide feedback on the details of the plan, as well as to express any interest that they may have for their own universities and teams to join the council itself.

  - Survey presentation: How universities around the world address parallelism / Multicore (20 min)
  - Discussion

Summary of main goals:
The meeting is aimed at discussing and developing proposals for the integration of parallelism / Multicore / Manycore topics into university curricula. Researchers as well as practitioners are invited to participate and share their views. For comparison, we'll present a survey on how top universities around the world address these topics. The results of the discussion will be summariezed and published as a reference document on our Web site.

If you want to propose a discussion topic for this or future meetings, please send an email to Victor Pankratius

How to get there

The campus is in a suburb called Vaihingen (do not use this name unfiltered for navigation; you'll end up in the wrong place, since there is a town by the same name about 40 miles away; likewise do not get confused by a second campus downtown very close to the train station).

If you arrive by car, see (in German, but self-explanatory.)

Links:  Plan of Railway System     Journey Planner
There is near-perfect metro ("S-Bahn", big green "S"-signs) connection to downtown, airport, train station, etc, 12-15 minutes to all these places. The metro station is called University (Universit├Ąt). One way tickets range from 2,35 to maybe 3,80 Euro. Renting a car is a waste of money, unless you want to tour the surrounding area.

If you arrive by train at Stuttgart Hbf: the metro (S-Bahn) station is on the right side (by train arrival direction) of the train station. Take any train on the S1, S2 or S3 line (directions Vaihingen, Airport, Boeblingen or Herrenberg) to "Universitaet".

Links: Overview of Railway System
Closest airport is STR (Stuttgart). The meeting place is a 15 minutes metro-ride from the airport, any train towards the city; get off at University (the first stop after the train goes seriously underground.).


Other Attractions in Stuttgart

Tourist attractions: Black Forest (begins a few miles out of town); Mercedes Museum (in town; truly worthwhile, takes half a day); pretty good museums, opera, etc.